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Our Technology/Methodology

AFR Services has developed proprietary software in conjunction with the latest mapping technologies to improve accuracy by reducing geocoding risk which allows us to correctly identify structures affected by the Special Flood Hazard Area.

When conflicts or disputes arise, AFR's highly trained professional researchers can quickly provide working maps to our clients, as well as compliance support for rapid resolution.

Our Technology/Methodology


Life of Loan
AFR will notify the lender or servicer of all status changes as a result of FEMA Map Revisions/Updates and any Community Participation Status Changes.

One Time
One Time coverage will entitle the lender client to flood information which is current at time of request only.  

Portfolio Review Services

Tracking Services
If AFR did not issue your original flood zone determination, we can provide a monitoring function for your existing loan portfolio.  At date of receipt, we will monitor your loan portfolio for collateral affected by any FEMA Map Revisions/Updates or community status changes at which time a Life of Loan coverage certificate will be issued.

Portfolio Review
If you believe your existing loan portfolio is at risk, we can complete a Certificate of Determination for each loan submitted for review.  You can choose between LOL coverage and One Time coverage.


AFR’s technology allows for multiple platforms to efficiently order your flood zone determinations.

  • AFR’s Website
  • Loan Origination Software Integration but not limited as follows:
    • Ellie Mae's Encompass
    • Accusystems
    • Appro
    • Black Knight’s Empower
    • BytePro
    • CalyxPoint/Path
    • Creative Thinking
    • Ellie Mae's Encompass
    • Finastra’s Decision Pro, LaserPro and Mortgagebot
    • FICS' Loan Producer
    • FIS' Flo
    • Fiserv’s PCLender/Mortgage Director
    • ISGN's MORvision
    • Jack Henry’s LoanVantage
    • Mortgage Computer
    • MortgageFlex
    • nCino
    • OpenClose
    • Power Lender
    • PrimeAlliance
    • Real EC
    • Teslar
    • Wipro’s NetOxygen

Benefits of Choosing AFR Services


Rapid Turnaround Time

Quick access to working maps

Flood Zone Determinations made to the structure

No subcontracting of services

Ease in ordering

Reporting capabilities

AFR's Guarantee backed by $10 million in Errors & Omissions Insurance

Service, service, and more SERVICE!