Residential Flood Insurance


How AFR Is Different

AFR only writes flood insurance.  With this specialization, we are able to keep up with all of the changes to the National Flood Insurance Program that could affect what you are paying for flood insurance.

At AFR, our agents are committed to finding you the most affordable policy that provides you with the coverage you need, whether that's through the National Flood Insurance Program or our own private flood insurance program.

How AFR Is Different

National Flood Insurance Program

Majority of flood insurance policies are written through the government’s National Flood Insurance Program.

Many agents are quick to point out that because of this, all quotes will be the same. This is not always true.

Our agents are experts at finding our clients the lowest rates available to them. This means knowing how to find discounts and government subsidized rates that a typical agent might be unaware of.

We will work hard to make sure that you never pay too much for your flood insurance.

Private Flood Insurance

In addition to providing quotes from the NFIP, our agency is a coverholder with Lloyd's of London and can provide quotes through our private flood insurance program.

This program was developed to give customers an alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program.

These policies can provide lower rates with better coverage than the NFIP and elevation certificates are not required.

 Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise and contact us today!