Insurance Tracking

Why Tracking?

AFR's Insurance Tracking service will put you back in control of your portfolio, free up your personnel to work on more productive tasks, eliminate your portfolio risk, and do it all with the highest level of service.

The AFR Solution

AFR has developed proprietary software EliteTrac based on a lender’s need to eliminate portfolio risk associated with insurance


Puts lenders in-control of their portfolio’s insurance information

Keeps the lender in-control of lender placed insurance decisions

Transfers risk away from the lender through AFR’s guarantee

The AFR Solution
AFR’s Insurance Tracking Service

AFR’s Insurance Tracking Service

Offers program flexibility designed to meet the lender’s specific needs
Provides for the ordering of Lender Placed insurance
Organizes your insurance information for each loan
Processes all incoming insurance documents
Customizes reports
Customizes notice production and mailing
Offers inbound and outbound call center service
Provides complete insurance and notice document history
Provides history of all communications at the loan level


Avoid the pitfalls of traditional portfolio insurance risk management, such as unnecessary force placement, expensive and time consuming internal risk management, and potentially costly blanket policies. CONTACT US today!